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Permission to Dream Series Preview (Apr 11)
Permission to Dream Series Preview


Tuesday | April 11, 2023 | 12:30 - 2:00 PM

"I believe everyone is born with a destiny or purpose and the journey is to find it" - B. Flowers

Perhaps you sense there is something out there for you – a journey you're meant to take but are not quite sure what it is. Maybe you have a yearning that you can't quite identify, an inkling that something needs to change, or become, or simply be expressed.

Maybe you've begun a journey and you wish there were other people with whom you could share the path, or with whom you could have a particular kind of conversation. Not about day-to-day stuff, but about things you might not have imagined you were meant to talk about out loud: about dreams, about happiness, about possibility.

It's time to take dreams out of storage, time to begin the journey with Permission to Dream: a conversation about the possibility of possibility.

We’ll be talking about what it means to dream again, and why it's important. This safe, supportive space is a container for you dreams, a place to speak them into existence and to feel seen, heard and supported in making them a reality.

This one-time session is a preview to a series offering we will be unveiling soon. 

What to Bring:

A burning idea or dream that “will not take no for an answer”.

What You Will Leave With:

You’ll leave feeling energized and inspired with a renewed sense of purpose and possibility — "awake, ablaze. madly in love".

To feel seen, held and joined around something that may feel tender and new --a seed of an idea, or maybe just an inkling that something seeks to change, become, or be expressed


Kim Agnew and Jillian Hanson have been leading writing groups for five years as part of their commitment to, and passion for, creating spaces and contexts that allow new stories to be told. Kim spent 30 years leading creative groups in her career as a creative director, editor, and marketing professional for iconic global lifestyle and editorial brands. The mission of their company, Blue Sky Black Sheep, is to nurture the ideas, projects and books of individuals interested in shaping new narratives for a new paradigm. They offer creative coaching/consulting, book guidance, and in 2020 they launched Blue Sky Press, a small, independent publishing house.

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