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Welcome to Living Well — our bi-weekly spotlight on different women that we admire and find fascinating. Our goal is to share an intimate peek into these women’s lives by asking them the questions that allow them to open up about their imperfect truth, whatever that may be. 

Meeting people who are both incredibly talented and kind is such a treat. Meredith Baird's talents a vast, as the creator of one of my favorite clean beauty lines, Nucifera (you have to try The Balm and The Spray), she is also very talented in recipe formulation and vegan cooking. It's so fun to watch people be excellent at what they do right?

I am most impressed by the way that Meredith is a girl's girl. She's cool but it's beside the point because she leads with genuine friendliness and interest in others. It's pleasure to know her and I think you'll really enjoy getting to know her a bit here too.


xx, J

What does a life well lived look like to you?

Cozy times with friends, family and good food.

My version of success is…

Having the means to support my family, inspire others, while doing work that fulfills me and allows me to experience life with some leisure!

In what way are you seeking to grow right now?

I believe I'm breaking through the career paths that have defined me, and am open to discovering what is on the other side. While I am generally someone who believes that consistency is key, I'm also aware that this can be my Taurean side "staying stuck". So I'm open! I'm always inspired by women who are much older than me, and the layers of life they've lived!

What is one way that you are different today than you were ten years ago?

I am much more open to my own evolution. Ironically in my late twenties I had a very clear idea of "who I am", which I think provided a lot of stability to get where I am now. But now in my late thirties, I just feel much less defined and rigid.

Setting aside modesty for a moment, what are you excellent at?

Making dinner out of thin air, and being a source of (mostly!) good advice. I've always been someone people turn to for an opinion/advice, and I think it’s because I'm pretty reasonable and direct.

Whose life perspective and way of moving through the world teaches you something about who + how you want to be?

My mom. While we are different in many ways she is by far the smartest person I know, and she's comfortable with herself. I think its pretty unusual for women of her generation to be as confident about their own intelligence and place in the world.

Is there a quote or mantra you always come back to?

Feels strange to admit as my definition of god is something different than when I learned the song many years ago in Christian school, but... "God will make a way, when there seems to be no way."

Can you share a book, podcast, or article that changed you in some way?

I get inspired by these mediums all the time so it’s an endless cycle of things coming in and out. I do love the Rich Roll podcast, and the guests he's had on have often been good timing for me to hear. Always inspiring conversations! And Marion Nestles new book, Slow Cooked, which I recently read reminded me how influential she's been on how I think about food/food choices/food politics. My friend Erin Falconer wrote a book called How to Break Up with Your Friends which is such an insightful read in terms of evaluating friendships, and your own behavior as a friend! Highly recommend all of the above.

What are you grateful for today?

Family and health!

Meredith Baird is the Founder of Nucifera Body, a plant chef and recipe developer. Find her skincare and food recipes at and on Instagram @nuciferabody.



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