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Welcome to Living Well — our bi-weekly spotlight on different women that we admire and find fascinating. Our goal is to share an intimate peek into these women’s lives by asking them the questions that allow them to open up about their imperfect truth, whatever that may be. 

I’m excited to introduce my next participant, Priscilla Vega, Principal and Founder of PR Vega — a full-service influencer outreach, events, collaborations, and strategic public relations studio. Priscilla leverages a background in marketing, press outreach, media training, branding, social media, and events to execute thoughtful, strategic, and relatable campaigns. She is someone who I consider to be a real powerhouse woman.

Priscilla’s colorful background includes her role as a media specialist for NASA, PR strategist for The Nature Conservancy, and events producer for Oracle and Cisco. I am so honored that this amazing woman was able to take some time to answer my questions for Living Well. I hope you find her answers to be uplifting and inspirational. 

If you've done the Values Deck exercise, what are your top five values? Tell us how one of them manifests in your life. What is a decision you’ve made using it to guide you?

My top values are Humor, Love, Generosity, Passion, and Creativity.

Family and Work are all I have time to focus on right now and the Humor and Love side of things is what we work so hard to keep strong in our home. We're constantly laughing and loving on our littles. The Generosity part feels like it's always a word that plays a big part in my intentions. I never regret giving any part of myself to help friends and family and even people I don't know. Passion and Creativity get thrown into my work every day. All these values speak to me so strongly. I definitely lean on them daily. 

What does a life well-lived look like?

I'm sure a life well-lived looks different to everybody but for me, I just want to hang on to all the things that bring me joy and know when to let go of the things that don't. 

My version of success is…

Success means something different every single day. One day it could be making sure the kids finished all their school commitments, a good workout, ending the day with zero emails in my inbox, productive meetings throughout the day, a healthy dinner, and a good book... while the next day it can be choosing to allow myself to be okay with things not being okay. 

In what way are you seeking to grow right now? Who embodies this quality?

I want to make sure I'm putting my efforts in all the right places. When I give myself pep talks, it tends to be about convincing myself that there's only 1 of me and there's only so much I can do. I try not to compare my growth to others or my happiness to others. When the comparison game sneaks in, I work that much harder to go inwards and focus on my personal needs. 

What is one way that you are different today than you were ten years ago?

I'm definitely more intentional with my energy these days. Ten years ago, I had an endless amount of myself to give because nobody really relied on me for anything. These days I feel like everybody in the world needs something from me, while it's not true, it can be very draining. 

Setting aside modesty for a moment, what are you excellent at?

HAHAHAHA! Modesty aside, I'm excellent at exuding maximum amount of joy at John Mayer concerts. I'm also excellent at spontaneous dance parties (mostly alone in my kitchen but one day this will happen with other people too). I also think I'm really good at admitting the things I'm not good at. I know my strengths but I'm more aware of my weaknesses. 

Whose life perspective and way of moving through the world teaches you something about who + how you want to be?

My grandma. She's the most loyal, beautiful, thoughtful, funny, and fierce person I know. I've never doubted her truth. She tells it like it is even when I don't want to hear it. 


"I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart." - Vincent Van Gogh

Can you share a book, podcast, or article that changed you in some way?

"To Shake the Sleeping Self" by Jedidiah Jenkins - I can read that one over and over and over.

What are you grateful for today?

It's not yet noon so this answer might change by the end of the day but for this very minute, I'm grateful for my cup of coffee and office space heater. 

Priscilla is the founder of PR Vega. Connect with her on Instagram @prvega.



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