I used to get so much satisfaction from trying all the new skincare and makeup products. I owned a beauty agency and was a beauty blogger so I was always focused on trying new things. Now, after a change in career and as I've gotten older, I much prefer the idea of finding a really excellent product and then sticking with it. When I love something enough to buy it on repeat, that’s the win. I also very much value clean beauty now which also informs my picks.

I thought it would be fun to share my skincare faves. The products we carry on the shelves at The Well Lived Woman are ones I genuinely love and personally use, but some of my other faves are found elsewhere. Point being, this is me carrying what I love not promoting what we carry.


One Love Organics Botanical B Enzyme Cleansing Oil

I am a devout double-cleanse person. I like to take my makeup off and do the initial cleanse with an emulsifying oil cleanser. This clean-beauty one is so effective I’ve been using it religiously for almost 10 years and I don’t always feel like I need to do the second step of face wash after.

Noto The Wash

I want a very straightforward face wash… to clean my face without being harsh. This one is perfect and I really like the palo santo scent and simple packaging. Bonus points if you can use it on hair and body.


Noto Resurface Scrub

I need to have both a physical exfoliant and chemical exfoliant in my skincare routine. This one is the best. It’s superfine so that it’s gentle while very thorough.

Beauty Counter Overnight Resurfacing Peel

This is such a great exfoliator. You put it on at night a couple times a week and wake up with a brighter, smoother complexion.


Atone Retinol Rose Serum

This is the most luxurious face treatment. It has a beautiful rose scent and feels so good to apply and the fact it’s effective at evening skin tone and elasticity too feels like a perk.


Primally Pure Soothing Cream

Their blue-tansy soothing cream is so hydrating in a fully-soaked-in and never greasy kind of way. I love gifting this to people and wish Primally Pure let me carry it in the shop. Note: I don’t love their other products as much except for their Baby Balm so don’t get over enthusiastic on their website.

Noto Deep Serum

I have yet to find a face oil that I’m in LOVE with. I like the extra moisture but they all seem same-ish to me. That said, I really LIKE this one… the unisex natural scent, the feeling, and the price. I am open to suggestions of a face oil you swear by though!

Jaimi Brooks is a licensed marriage and family therapist, women's group leader, founder of The Well Lived Woman, and creator of the Values Deck.



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