With the longer nights and colder temperatures, the comfort of a little flame goes a long way in setting a cozy mood. Sometimes it's the light of the fire we enjoy seeing, sometimes it's a familiar scent we hope to fill the room. Whatever you love about your candle burning practice, we've got great options to appeal to this fundamental Winter-time desire.

A luxurious steel candle that never melts - providing endless clean burning ambiance to your home.

100% vegetable wax with a cotton wick, fully recyclable glass, and hand poured in Los Angeles.

Climbing Tuscan Rosemary Candle

The “mist of the sea,” Rosemary is the objet d’amour of Romans, Greeks, and honeybees everywhere, its scent oft detected wafting amongst the cypress trees and ruins of golden hour stroll. For centuries, this ubiquitous herb has been used as a mental stimulant, said to enhance memory, intelligence, and creative dreaming.

Roma Heirloom Tomato Candle

We worship the tomato. Ripe, supple, and bursting with juice, the scent of the heirloom tomato catapults us to memories of late summer dinner parties in Sicilian gardens and awakens pleasure in all our uncommon senses.

Candles are handmade in Lithuania from local farmers' beeswax, they are natural and non-toxic, and no artificial color or scent is added.

Big Beeswax Candle

Small Big Candle

Slim Candle

Dinner Candle 

Mini Porcelain Candle Holder

Tree Candle Holder

Oak Candle Holder

A modern take on an old classic. The tealite holder with a handle will hold a standard or large tealite candle. It is not intended to fit tightly which allows for a variety of uses. Food-safe glaze means that these are also wonderful to use as individual sauce dishes as well.

Modern-style wooden votive candles.

Candle No. 4 Bois De Balincourt - Sandalwood Vetiver Amber Wood

This romantic scent is a Sandalwood fragrance with a dominant Cedarwood and Sandalwood accord that's supplemented by a spicy cinnamon nutmeg complex with an earthy vetiver note.

Candle Antidris Cassis - Cassis White Rose Bergamot
This fruity fragrance begins with a black pepper note enhanced by Bergamot and cassis. It then develops a strong green accord with a White Rose base and dries down to a warm Oakmoss, Tonka, and clean Musk base.

Candle No. 9 Vallee De Farney - Grapefruit Patchouli Vetiver

Inspired by the wild forest, this scent is a woody, mineral fragrance. The top note is a citrus accord of grapefruit, orange and black pepper enhanced by Cedarwood and Patchouli.

Jaimi Brooks is a licensed marriage and family therapist, women's group leader, founder of The Well Lived Woman, and creator of the Values Deck.



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