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Understanding the Wisdom of Anxiety - Digital Workshop
Understanding the Wisdom of Anxiety and Herbal Ally Support - Digital Workshop


Anxiety shows up in many forms: worry, ruminating thoughts and physical symptoms. While anxiety has become so ubiquitous it’s now seen as almost synonymous with being human, many factors in our lives and environments can invoke or intensify the anxiety experience, and getting to the root of what's driving our symptoms can feel overwhelming. 

In this digital recording, we’ll investigate the biological and lifestyle factors that can contribute to anxiety, look closer at how our thoughts, habits and routines can support us in gaining ease, and get curious about the role anxiety serves in our lives. When we can begin to understand anxiety as the beginning of a conversation, rather than the end of a sentence, then we can gain access to the wisdom it holds for us.

What to Expect:

* Link to an video file recording of Kat's workshop about the Wisdom of Anxiety

* An accompanying support document to bring you through the listening experience. 

* Science backed information about the biological, psychological and social factors that can cause or perpetuate anxiety

* Accessible, concrete information about what anxiety is, and isn’t, and how to work with it in our day to day lives

* An exploration of what the “wisdom” and invitations of anxiety are, and how to accept these invitations

* A conversation of the protective factors of anxiety, and how it might be attempting to help you

* Journaling prompts to deepen your personal understanding of and relationship to anxiety

As a licensed psychotherapist, Kat deVos maintains a full private practice in San Francisco where she supports women in navigating anxiety and burnout, transitional life phases, rites of passage, and chronic health concerns. Her therapeutic work weaves together Western psychological theory with Eastern traditions of spirituality, infusing sessions with practices to assist her clients in developing self compassion, mindfulness, emotional fluency and body awareness. Additionally, she has studied and trained in yoga, meditation, birth-work, reiki, Buddhism, and herbalism, which inform the unique lens through which she views therapy: as a science, but also an art, with a little bit of mysticism sprinkled in. You can find Kat through her website, Instagram, or the San Francisco-based holistic wellness community she co-founded, HAVN Collective

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